The English Department Forum on Language and Literature is a series of discussions, workshops, and presentations designed to showcase faculty strengths and interests in the English Department of the Troy campus of Troy University. The forums provide opportunities for faculty development, both for the presenters and the attendees (students are encouraged to attend, too!). Katona D. Weddle ( and Ben P. Robertson ( inaugurated the series in early 2008. Each forum tends to focus on one of three areas--teaching techniques and strategies that faculty might find useful, faculty members' creative writing or performance, and faculty members' scholarly interests. On occasion, students are invited to present their scholarly or creative work, as is the occasional extramural speaker.

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Forum #63
Roundtable Discussion: Problems and Solutions with Hybrid Teaching in the Fall 2020 Semester
Katona D. Weddle and Ben P. Robertson
29 October 2020
Forum #62
"Otherness and the Politics of Representation in Archival and Media Narratives: A Case Study of the National Geographic and UNESCO’s 'Intangible Cultural Heritage'” Campaign
Bret Woods and Festus Ndeh
20 November 2019
Forum #61
"Tips for Helping At-Risk Students"
Jonathan Broyles, Jonathan Cellon, and Shantel Barginere
13 November 2019
Forum #60
"The Italian Job; or, English Majors Abroad!"
Kayla Chandler, Lydia Gilmer, Katelyn Smith, Anna Shay Wasden, and Kirk Curnutt
5 November 2019
Forum #59
"What Can Biolinguistics Tell Us about Language Change?"
Tatyana Slobodchikoff
21 October 2019
Forum #58
"Video Grading: Using Modern Tools to Reclaim Traditional Teaching"
R. Scott Nokes
2 September 2019
Forum #57
"Poetry by Patricia Waters and Alice Friman"
Patricia Waters and Alice Friman
10 April 2019
Forum #56
"Cultural Anxieties in An Education: Victorian Vestiges in Twentieth-Century Women's Education"
Kristin Ross
28 March 2019
Forum #55
"Ship of Fools: Cruising toward Publication"
Ekaterina V. Kobeleva, Shannon W. Thompson, Katona D. Weddle, and Ben P. Robertson
6 March 2019
Forum #54
"How to Eat an Elephant: Teaching Writing as a Process"
Nicholas Pincumbe
14 November 2018
Forum #53
"A Woman Walked into the Bar: The Fiction of Linda Heuring"
Linda Heuring
17 October 2018
Forum #52
"'Load 'Em Up . . . Then See What They Do': An Introduction to Larry Brown and Learned Helplessness"
Matthew Carpenter
26 September 2018
Forum #51
"Writing with/for/from/against VR: Evocation as Experience"
Patricia Harris
21 February 2018
Forum #50
"Beowulf in Comic Books and Graphic Novels"
R. Scott Nokes
15 November 2017
Forum #49
"The Poetry of Bob Dylan"
Harold Kaylor, Timothy Brannum, Steven Fann, and Katherine White
24 October 2017
Forum #48
"Reading Between the Lines: Meeting Cover to Cover"
John Reid McGlamory, Patricia Harris, and Theron Montgomery
23 August 2017
Forum #47
"Readings from Two New Books"
Theron Montgomery
29 April 2017
Forum #46
"Bringing Transmedia Projects in the Humanities back to Literary Studies: Remaking Moby-Dick, The Shadows of Orpheus, and the Composition Classroom"
Patricia Harris
19 April 2017
Forum #45
"John Herrmann: A Lost Writer of the Lost Generation"
Sara Kosiba
23 March 2017
Forum #44
"Exploring Othering and Disillusion in Media Narratives"
Patricia Waters, Richard Ledet, Priya Menon, Festus Ndeh, and Bret Woods
15 February 2017
Forum #43
"Teaching Undergraduate Linguistics: The Native Speaker Approach"
Tatyana Slobodchikoff
25 January 2017
Forum #42
"Miniature Books: The Ultimate Portable Reading Material"
Ben P. Robertson
16 November 2016
Forum #41
"Book Arts and Mail Art, Playing with Paper"
Patricia Waters
17 October 2016
Forum #40
"A Creative Reading from 'Smoke and Mirrors'"
James G. Davis
23 March 2016
Forum #39
"Job Searches for English Majors (and Other People, Too!)"
Katona D. Weddle and Ben P. Robertson
24 February 2016
Forum #38
"Theoretically Speaking" (A Panel Discussion)
Priya Menon, Amanda Jordan, Halie Edens, Hasret Diaz, Jamal Carswell, Megan Phillips, Naomi Perez, and Susannah McQuitty
22 April 2015
Forum #37
"Burning Down the House: A Discussion of Fahrenheit 451
R. Scott Nokes
4 February 2015
Forum #36
"Student/Professor Interaction via E-mail: RU Able to Meat Me?"
Ekaterina Kobeleva and Ben P. Robertson
12 November 2014
Forum #35
"Discovering Don Carpenter"
Stephen Cooper
8 October 2014
Forum #34
"Assessing Student Feedback: Course Evaluations and Otherwise"
Audra Shumpert
16 April 2014
Forum #33
"What Linguistics Can Tell Us about Writing: An Interdisciplinary Approach"
Tatyana Slobodchikoff
19 March 2014
Forum #32
"Job-Hunting Documents for English Majors"
Ben P. Robertson
26 February 2014
Forum #31
"Course Integration of the Student's Book of College English with Rhetorical Analysis Essays"
Ekaterina Kobeleva
13 November 2013
Forum #30
"A Graphic Organizer that Supports Analysis and Paragraph Development"
Shannon Thompson
2 October 2013
Forum #29
"Leonardo, the Cockleburs, and the Sultan: Excerpts from the Novel Michaelangelo in Rome (a work in progress)"
Michael Orlofsky
24 April 2013
Forum #28
"Why Theory?"
Priya Menon, Shelby Barwood, Ryan Cain, Clinton Davis, Kelly Hatcher, Christy Jones, Patrick Pugh, Meg Shackelford, and Nikki Woodburn
3 April 2013
Forum #27
"A Continent in Decline: Some Rambles on Criminology and Democracy in Africa from a Literary Perspective"
Festus Fru Ndeh
20 February 2013
Forum #26
"Content Language Teaching Using Literature in Language Classrooms"
Yuetong Qu and Jannette Salmon (with Natalia Henderson)
31 October 2012
Forum #25
"Yes or No to the Bible and Quran in Teaching Writing?"
Natalia Henderson
17 October 2012
Forum #24
"Teaching Composition Online: You Can Do It!"
Ben Robertson
19 September 2012
Forum #23
"A Creative Reading from Her Poetic Cinema of Life"
Danielle Wallace
6 March 2012
Forum #22
"Online and Hybrid Teaching: Confessions of an Academic Cyber Bully"
R. Scott Nokes

15 February 2012
Forum #21
"Panel Discussion Related to Talent Is Overrated: Can Creative Writing (and Other Creative Arts) Be Taught? Or, How Important Is Talent?"
Patricia Waters, William Thompson, James Davis, and Michael Orlofsky
2 November 2011
Forum #20
"'Representation' in Literary Theory"
Priya Menon
19 October 2011
Forum #19
"A Creative Reading from New Fiction in Progress"
James Davis
21 September 2011
Forum #18
"The Search for the Genuine Russia in A. Solzhenitsyn's 'Matryona's Home'"
Ekaterina Kobeleva

6 April 2011
Forum #17
"Teaching with the 'Poor Man's Smartboard'"
Patricia Waters and Ben P. Robertson
28 February 2011
Forum #16
"Elizabeth Inchbald's and Nathaniel Hawthorne's Romantic Moral Romance"
Ben P. Robertson
3 November 2010
Forum #15
"Swifter than a Runner"
Cody Muzio
3 March 2010
Forum #14
"Education in West Africa: The Example of Burkina Faso"
Natalia Henderson
24 February 2010
Forum #13
"Jim Crow and Slavery by Another Name: The Debate between Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. DuBois Made New"
Patricia Waters
16 November 2009
Forum #12
"Memoirs as Personal History Projects"
Vonda Garrett
21 October 2009
Forum #11
"Introducing the National Day on Writing and the National Gallery of Writing"
Katona Hargrave and Ben P. Robertson
16 September 2009
Forum #10
"Globalization and Global Ethics: A Quaker Concern"
A special forum organized by Festus Fru Ndeh.
Bill Ndi
31 August 2009
Forum #9
"Selections from Breeding a Tornado and Twisting Canonical Linguistic Blades"
Festus Fru Ndeh
15 April 2009
Forum #8
"Integrating the English Language Arts: Literature and Grammar"
Mary Ann Tighe
18 March 2009
Forum #7
"Excerpts from Willows: A Creative Reading by James Davis"
James Davis
18 February 2009
Forum #6
"Beowulf vs. the Nazis"
Scott Nokes
12 November 2008
Forum #5
"Memoirs of a Professor: A Reading by Theron Montgomery"
Theron Montgomery
15 October 2008
Forum #4
"Teaching International Students: A Discussion of Techniques"
Theresa M. Johnson and Sharon M. Eller
17 September 2008
Forum #3
"Using Corpus Linguistics to Improve Student Writing Quality"
Catherine Smith
16 April 2008
Forum #2
"'My Flesh, Your Flesh': An Exploration of Michael Orlofsky's Fiction"
Michael Orlofsky
19 March 2008
Forum #1
"Technical Writing in the English Department"
Katona D. Hargrave and Ben P. Robertson
13 February 2008