Major Collections Housed at TROY



Alvin R. Diamond, Jr.                        Alabama

            Diamond, A., J. D. Freeman. 1993. A checklist of the vascular flora of Conecuh County,

Alabama. SIDA 15(4), 623-638.

            Diamond, A. R. Jr. 2003. A checklist of the vascular flora of Pike County, Alabama.

Castanea 68(2): 143-159.

            Diamond, A. R., M. Woods, and H. Rundell. 1999. Epiphyllous hepatics from southern

            Alabama. The Bryologist. 102(2): 309-313


Robert Kral                                        Southeastern United States


Dan Spaulding                                    Alabama


John MacDonald                               South Alabama and Mississippi


Tiffany Pennington                             Dale County

            Pennington, T. and M. Woods.  2004.  The vascular flora of Dale County, Alabama.    

            Southeastern Naturalist.  3(3): 495-516.


Brian H. Martin                                 Coffee County

            Martin, B., M. Woods, and A. R. Diamond. 2002. The vascular flora of Coffee County,

Alabama. Castanea. 67(3): 227-246.


Hannelore Rundell                             Ech Lake (Dale County)

            Rundell, H. and M. Woods. 2001. The vascular flora of Ech Lake, Alabama. Castanea.           



Brian Prazinko                                   Dale County Lake

            Woods, M., B. Prazinko, and A. R. Diamond. 2001. The vascular flora of Dale County           

            Lake, Alabama. Jour. Al. Acad. Sci. 72(1): 65-82.


Jeanese Reiss                                    Pike County Lake

            Woods, M. and J. Reiss. 1998. The vascular flora of Pike County Lake, Alabama. Jour.          

            Al. Acad. Sci., 69(3): 190-203.


R.D. Worthington                              Texas/New Mexico


Edward Ted Brown, Jr.                      Kentucky

            Brown, E.T., Jr. and R. Athey.  1992.  Vascular plants of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky Press. 180 p.


Michael Woods                                  Kentucky (Calloway County)

            Woods, M. and M. J. Fuller. 1989.  The vascular flora of Calloway County, Kentucky.            

            Castanea 53 (2): 89-109.


Jeff T. Grubbs                                    Kentucky (Marshall County)