The Troy University Herbarium (TROY) was established in 1954 by Dr. Robert Dietz, who served as curator of the collection until 1986.  In 1961, the herbarium was moved from Bibb Graves Hall into room 116 of the new science building, McCall Hall.  It remained in that location until 1987 when it was closed and all of the specimens, approximately 1000, were destroyed.  In 1997, the TROY Herbarium was reestablished by Dr. Michael Woods and Dr. Alvin Diamond in McCall Hall 116.  In 1999, the herbarium moved to rooms 125 and 127 of the Math Science Complex (MSCX) when McCall Hall was renovated and the new lab wing was added.  In the summer of 2006, the herbarium was moved to its current location, MSCX 216.  Since 1997, the collection has grown to over 40,000 specimens, with a recent growth rate of 3,000 additional specimens per year.  This makes the TROY Herbarium the fastest-growing herbarium in the southeastern United States.  Currently, 100 percent of all specimens deposited in the TROY Herbarium have been databased and imaged.