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Issue 14, 2017-2018

  • "Going Dutch," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "Blink," by Sidney Coker
  • "Bubbles," by Georgia Blanchard
  • "Chainsmoker," by Katelyn Smith
  • "I Don’t Feel Pain," by Christopher Anderson
  • "David," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "I Would Be a Lovely Snake," by Draven Jackson
  • "Iceberg," by Caroline Hughes
  • "Ketchup," by Sidney Coker
  • "Microscope," by Caroline Hughes
  • "My Heart," by April Rusk
  • "One of the Guys," by Caroline Hughes
  • "Orpheus," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "Scruff," by Rachel Ward
  • "Secret Wars," by April Rusk
  • "Sleeping Alone," by Melanie McGilberry
  • "Stray," by Katelyn Smith
  • "The Boxes of Femininity," by Draven Jackson
  • "The Boy Who Couldn’t Handle No," by Caroline Hughes
  • "There’s a Section of My Brain Devoted to You," by Draven Jackson
  • "Valentine’s Day," by Georgia Blanchard
  • "You’ll Understand," by Austin MacCraw
  • "10041," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "Untitled," by Austin MacCraw
  • "Sleeping God," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "A Place to Hide," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "(In)Effective," by Austin MacCraw
  • "Like Father Like Son," by Katelyn Smith
  • "The Breakthrough," by Steven Fann
  • "MC1R," by Austin MacCraw
  • "A Megitsune’s Wish," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "The Plague," by Sidney Coker
  • "The Monsters in the Woods," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "The Bringer of Death," by Austin MacCraw
  • "Precocious," by Christian Catrett
  • "The Most Beautiful Lily," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "Riptide," by Katelyn Smith
  • "Watch out for Cats," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "Untitled," by Christian Beason
  • Carolina Hechart
  • Alaina Hornberger
  • Hunter Irby
  • Jamie Lotierzo
  • Abby Phillips
  • Brandon Rice
  • Madina Seytmuradova
  • Aysiah Stroud-Lucy
  • Ivey Vinson
  • Lydia Welch
  • Katie Winters

Double Issue: Issues 12/13, Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Poetry (Fall 2016)
  • "Autoreligion," by Katie Curington
  • "Blood Money," by Hannah Edwards
  • "Confession of a Sinner," by Abdullah Mohammad-Sadiq
  • "From Here and There," by Kalen Busby
  • "My Lungs," by Alyssa Enrile
  • "the last summer," by Katie Curington
  • "Moonlit Symphony," by Jazmin Garret
  • Untitled, by Victoria Hunt
  • "Sheets," by Alyssa Enrile
  • "Juicy Fruit," by Corina Weiser-Cox
  • "Really From," by Corina Weiser-Cox
  • "Seasons," by Elizabeth Hollis
  • "The Spaces in Between," by Alyssa Enrile
  • "The Creature," by Rebecca Feagin
Prose (Fall 2016)
  • "She Laughed in Another Language," by Hannah Edwards
  • "Dearly Beloved," by Rhett Coker
  • "Birthday," by Austin MacCraw
  • "EMILY," by Hayden Freese
  • "The Moth," by Jamie Leverette
  • "The Piano," by Leah Lancaster
  • "The God of the Sea," by Marissa Dennis
  • "Thou Shalt Not," by Leah Lancaster
Poetry (Spring 2017)
  • "Arson," by Draven Jackson
  • "Death is Faithful to Faithful Men," by Katelyn Smith
  • "Lonely People," by Katelyn Smith
  • "The Boy with the Golden Wings," by Draven Jackson
  • "Anchor," by Hope Rangel
  • "On Sun and Stars," by Lydia Gilmer
  • "Ten Thousand Miles of Black Linen," by Kalen Busby
  • "Other Meanings," by E. W. Brooks
Prose (Spring 2017)
  • "A Fat Cat and Hemingway," by Draven Jackson
  • "Diversions," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "English is Hard," by Madina Seytmuradova
  • "Aeaea," by Austin MacCraw
  • "My Place," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "See You Tomorrow," by Alaina Hornberger
  • "False Advertising," by Ethan Ensor-Gibson
  • "Love You to the Moon and Back," by Georgia Blanchard
  • Alaina Hornberger
  • Kayle Weeks

Issue 11, Spring 2015

Blue text indicates a veteran's spotlight selection in this issue.

  • "A Coming of Age," by Jeffery N. Whaley
  • "Rest Up," by Hannah Edwards
  • Untitled, by Hannah Edwards
  • "I Once Knew a Man," by Hannah Edwards
  • "Coffee and Ash," by Corinne Jacobs
  • "Stacks of Notebooks in Heaven," by Stacy Pratt
  • "Burning Metal in Iraq," by Lauren Cox
  • "Descant, Yet Again," by Susannah McQuitty
  • "Portrait of My Grandfather," by Abigail Michelini
  • "Child's Play," by Alex Millard
  • "Welcome to the Jungle," by Stephanie Hopper
  • "Emancipator," by Hunter Stewart
  • "Crossing Paths with Ming," by Lesley Stukey
  • "Why Is Why Important?," by Michael Thompson
  • "Glares of the Sun," by Jamie Bennett
  • "The Dresser," by Susannah McQuitty
  • "For the Sake of Curiosity," by Ryan Taylor
  • "The Wind from the Past," by Tyeler Rayburn
  • "The Piano Man," by Caleb Humphreys
  • Louise Cheng
  • Kellen Crookham
  • Jonathon Guice
  • Alisha Merritt
  • Destin Salyers
  • Hannah Still
  • McCall Tedder
  • Saraya Williams

Issue 10, Fall 2014

  • "Waterworks," by Kathryn Curry
  • "The New Exhibit," by Zachary Dalton Ashburn
  • "Emily's Lament," by Hannah Lindley
  • "Blue," by Abigail Michelini
  • "Smoke," by Courtney Gilley
  • "Lex," by Lauren Wiggins
  • "A New Me," by Robert McGough
  • "Weeds," by Lauren Wiggins
  • "We Is Me," by Kathryn Curry
  • "Running," by Abigail Michelini
  • "Whole," by Abigail Michelini
  • "Ghost," by Brandi Mitchell
  • "Animals," by Amber Richards
  • "Into the Nothing," by Courtney Gilley
  • "The Runaways," by Liz Nowling
  • "Sandglass," by Ngoc Vo
  • "We Serve at Seven," by Robert McGough
  • "Waves," by Naomi Perez
  • "Flannel Patches," by Samantha Loff
  • Ashley Crowe
  • Alisha Merritt
  • Alyssa Narksavee
  • Kymber O'Bannon
  • Lydia Phelps
  • Hollie Reeves
  • Victor Sanakai-Papi
  • Hannah Stone
  • Duong Tran
  • Jordan Williams
  • Madison Williams

Issue 9, Fall 2013

  • "Domestic War," by Allison Miller
  • "Ovillejo," by Samantha Loff
  • "A Mug of Tea," by Matthew Firpo
  • "Hundreds of Years," by Allison Miller
  • "Redemption," by Jamie Leverette
  • "Wishing You Well," by Buchanan Watson
  • "Joy of Recycling," by Melissa Morris
  • "Wanting," by Hannah Dobbs
  • "Rubaiyat: Mound," by Samantha Loff
  • "Set Me Free," by Jamie Holmes
  • "Dying Cycle" by Josh Richards
  • "Liquid Lightning," by Josh Williams
  • "What is a Nightmare," by Ryan Taylor
  • "Magic Kingdom," by Meg Shackelford
  • "Lights Out," by G. S. Salazar, Jr.
  • "Alone" and "Oldest Tree," by Daniel Beltran
  • "Lotus," by Lingfei Zhou
  • "Old Roots," by Savanna Schacherer
  • "Pine Tree," by Alisha Lefebrve
  • "Origin of the Arrow," by Nolan Odom
  • "Eyes in the Night," by Megan Riley
  • "Isolation," by Chelsey Williams
  • "Drawing Tree," by Justin Fuller
  • "Skull on Red" and "Living Room," by Hannah Ellis
  • "Signs of Love," by Carson Brown
  • "Wind in My Sails," by Aaron Paschal

Issue 8, Spring 2013

  • "Lunar Folly," by Zachary Dalton Ashburn
  • "For Jan," by Claire Mathis
  • "[Kneeling in Reverence]," by Patrick Daniel Pugh
  • "Pygmalion and His Bride," by Samantha Loff
  • "Tomorrow is Better," by Melissa Morris
  • "Gone Bad," by Bob McGough
  • "The Beastly and the Beautiful," by Jamie Bennett
  • "Afternoon Off," by Amber Richards
  • "Tunnel Vision," by Candace Turlington
  • "Boots," by Molly Bailey
  • "Dream World," by Kelsey Barcomb
  • Candace Turlington
  • Jason Grant
  • Amber Blanford
  • Melanie Deacon
  • Blair Brogdon
  • Hillary Andrews
  • Greg Skaggs
  • Jamall Holmes
  • Nina Franks
  • Jenna Garrett

Issue 7, Fall 2012

  • "Fall Prayer" by Nikki DeRidder
  • "Poltergeist" by Candace Turlington
  • "Soul" by Runas C. Powers, III
  • "Sunlight" by Layla Torres
  • "Nothing compares to the beauty" by Melissa Morris
  • "The Beauty ... I am Blind with Weeping" by Kyle A. Stanfield
  • "A Man Divided" by Amy Veneziano
  • "Conformity" by Logan Leverett
  • "Game of Inches" by Kristle Lawrence
  • "The Birthday" by Jamie Bennett
  • "Inheritance" by Caleb Humphreys
  • "The Gloomies" by Josh Richards
  • "Poltergeist" by Jordan Hammond
  • "Soul" by Jonathon Guice
  • "Sunshine" by Clara Driskell
  • "The Beauty" by Caitlin Ventiere
  • "A Man Divided" by Vuong Nguyen
  • "Conformity" by Elen Shirley
  • "Game of Inches" by Martin Whaley
  • "The Birthday" by Carson Brown
  • "Inheritance" by Kaitlyn Nordurft
  • "The Gloomies" by Stephanie Davenport
Special Online Version of Issue 7

Issue 6, Spring 2012

  • "Marrying Libraries" by Bridgette Temmis
  • "Structurally Sound" by Candace Turlington
  • "Fairy Tales of Hope" by Kellie Detter
  • "Pretty Brain" by Ryan Spires
  • "Shadows" by Nathaniel Westfall
  • "What Keeps Your Attention?" by Samantha Loff
  • "Greed" by Phillip Pinyan
  • "Dancing Alone" by Sarah Looney
  • "Sumatran" by Emily D. Wood
  • "Cave Tenebrarum" by Nathaniel Westfall
  • "Hour of Silence" by Phillip Pinyan
  • "Pieces of Me" by Sara Mixson
  • "A New Phoenix" by Liz Shaver
Faculty Spotlight
  • "Bear Mountain Bear" by Prof. Jason O’Neal Griggs
  • "No Forcing the Sea" by Prof. Jason O’Neal Griggs
  • "To Be a Man" by Prof. Jason O’Neal Griggs
  • "For You, I’ll Wait" by Samantha Pinter
  • "Edgar Allan Poe" by Melanie Deacon

Issue 5, Fall 2011

  • "Longing from Dover" by Eric Stokes
  • "Love Letter" by Ashley Johnson
  • "Styx" by Nathaniel Westfall
  • An untitled poem by Sara Freeman
  • "When They Fall" by Mark W. Phelan

  • "Cogito Ergo Sum" by Nathaniel Westfall
  • "Garden of the Gods" by Bryan Koyle
  • "She'll Never Know" by Candace Turlington
  • "The Pecan" by Caleb Humphreys
  • "Under the Sun" by Cody Muzio

Faculty Spotlight
  • "Craft" by Dr. Patricia Waters
  • "Willows" by Prof. James Davis

  • "Blackbird" by Samantha Pinter
  • "Edgar Allan Poe" by Melanie Deacon
  • "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Candace Turlington
  • Untitled artwork by Candace Turlington

Issue 4, Spring 2011

  • "Disney Ruined" by Elijah David
  • "Amorexia Nervosa" by Elijah David
  • "The Only Elegy I Could Muster" by Erin K. Murray
  • [                          ] II by Erin K. Murray
  • "Variety" by Erin K. Murray
  • "REM Sleep" by Erin K. Murray
  • "Regrets" by Regina Lynett Newsome
  • "Texting" by Candace Turlington
  • "Veritissimo Bonissimoque" by Nathaniel Westfall

  • "What is Life" by Amanda Graham
  • "Get My A and Get Out" by Candace Turlington
  • "The Fall of the Arotere" by Cleveland Daniel Wright
  • "Invention" by Cleveland Daniel Wright

Issue 3, Fall 2010

  • "[3]" by Stephanie Fockler
  • "2008" by Cameron Hodge
  • "Felicia" by Candace Turlington
  • "Savannah’s Hair" by Candace Turlington
  • "MUSICA NOCTIS" by Nathaniel Westfall

  • "Autumn Bones" by Elijah David
  • "Hard Lies, Harder Truths" by Stephen J. Davis
  • "Home" by Kristle Lawrence
  • "The Birdhouse" by Cody Muzio
  • "There are Demons, and then there are Demons" by Candace Turlington

Issue 2, Spring 2010

  • "The Fifth Ennead" by Eric Anderson
  • "[2]" by Stephanie Fockler
  • "During an Afternoon Walk" by Jesse Kelley
  • "Orpheus" by Daniel Logan
  • "Moriarty" by Daniel Logan
  • "Divided Firmaments" by Daniel Logan
  • "Biology" by Candace Turlington

  • "Accompaniment" by Eric Anderson
  • "un[mistak]able itch" by Wendy Broyles
  • "Famous Last Words" by Jesse Kelley
  • "At the Well" by Cody Muzio

Issue 1, Fall 2009

  • [                          ] by Erin K. Murray
  • "Thanks To My Highway Companion" by Erin K. Murray
  • "Crooked Little Ladders" by Candace Turlington
  • "Man-Eater" by Candace Turlington

  • "The Sax Man's Rebop" by Stephen J. Davis
  • "Swifter than a Runner" by Cody Muzio
  • "In Nature" by Amber Richards
  • "Letter to a Best Friend" by Candace Turlington
  • "The Amber Calm" by Ben Whitehead